As said earlier in a previous article, forest are the most important resource to keep healthy and alive. keeping what forests we already have healthy. Deforestation is a major issue today with companies clear-cutting hundreds of acres of trees for the resources trees provide. The U.S. has implemented laws regulating the amount of trees a company can cut down a year, but they are often overlooked. The best way to solve the problem is to cut back on the number of things we use every day that requires trees to produce. But that can be a difficult challenge given most people don’t realize just how much they use a day in the U.S.; to add to this the best way to start to cut back on air pollution and regenerate our atmosphere is to plant more trees. I did a post a couple days ago about some companies that plant tree all over the world with donations, and I’ll drop a link below to a company that is working towards

Green Peace is also an awesome company that works for a better environment so check their other projects as well.


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