Plastic Straw Pollution.

Starw Pollution
Straw Pollution

Plastics straws are something almost everyone uses every day, even if we’re not thinking about it. A plastic straw will never break down, the earth is only supposed to last another couple hundred million years till the sun’s radiation is too intense for our earth to repel, but a plastic will never really decompose it just breaks into smaller bits. It is estimated that nearly 500 million straws a day are used just in the U.S., and with companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, and other very popular companies still using plastic straws its’s easy to see what it is such a problem. There is a couple easy ways to start to cut down on the number of straws that end up in the trash each day.

  1. Don’t get a straw if you can just sip your beverage (easy right).
  2. Talk to local bars and restaurants about switching to paper straws.

This company is a great source of paper straws that are great for the environment,


  1. you can get a reusable metal straw and carry it with you.

These couple steps will cut down on the straw number dramatically and I really advocate for this so share this post as much as you can to get the news out to people who don’t even know how big of a problem this is.

I’m also going to drop two websites below that are a great way to donate to and cut back on the amount of plastic straw ending up around the world.

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