Oil Spills.


Until we can figure out how to make the move to a non-oil dependent country, oil is going to remain a big part of our lives. We don’t hear much about oil unless it is either the price of it or there has been an oil spill somewhere. Oil spills as we all know are detrimental to our oceans killing marine life as well as birds. Good news is there is a new piece of tech that is been developed that soaks up oil without the water like a sponge would, it’s called Oleophilic Foam. I’m going to post a link below on the material and the lab that is working with it.


Oil Spill Sponge.
Oil Spill Sponge.

This company also has a lot of new ideas for energy, our environment, and science so check out their whole site I would recommend it! The link is below.


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