Clean Oceans.

Marine life swimming in our trash.
Marine life swimming in our trash.

Unfortunately, trash is becoming one of the biggest problems in today’s world, and with over 2 trillion tons of trash being produced every year, it’s easy to see why. With trash numbers exponentiating every year due to the larger and large world population our environment is taking most of the damage caused by our trash.

More specifically, our oceans, now it is estimated that close to 8 million tons of trash enter to the ocean each year, which is only fraction of what we produce right, but most of this trash is killing and poisoning the animals that rely on the ocean for survival (including you).  About 50% of the world population lives within 50 miles of the oceans, most of which depend on ocean life to provide for them.

I know this seems like the same cut and dry story that we have all heard a hundred times but we all now have a way to participate in detoxing the oceans. This huge project is something I would defiantly recommend checking out as well as help fund. “The Ocean Clean Up” is the company at work and I’ll also post their link below, there is also a couple go fund me projects that seem very beneficial so check them out!

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